Fasting Mindfulness Program begins January 16th

Come join us for a life enhancing program that will change the way you eat, think, and live! We know that sounds too good to be true, but we stand by our promise and our experience. We brought dozens of people through the program in 2020 and feel more committed than ever to what these 5 weeks can do for you.

You will learn how foods effect you on all levels. You will be guided as you remove inflammation through diet, thoughts, and actions. You will be pushed but you will also be supported. You will be challenged but you will also find parts of you that you did not even know existed. You will feel better. You will think differently. You will grow.

Listen to us describe the program here.

Reach out with questions or to secure your spot! 570-350-0130-421-3708 or email

Pandemic price – $200.00 Repeat for only $150.00 (all new recipes, meditations, and mindfulness exercises)

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