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To Diet or Not To Diet, That is the Question!

Diet, healthy eating, and nutrition continue to be the buzzwords of the 21st century. People have begun to realize that food can play an important role in their health. But what kind of food? Are there some foods that are more beneficial than others are? What makes up a “healthy” diet? What are organic foods and should I be including them in my diet?

These are all excellent questions, yet are not always easily answered by what we hear or read. A “healthy” diet for one person may not meet the nutritional needs of another person, especially when problems arise. That is where “Whole Foods” nutrition can help.

Diet and Nutrition

Whole Foods Nutrition

Nutritional Counseling is not just concerned with carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. It is also interested in the quality of the foods that are eaten, how they are processed, where and how they are grown, and how to get the most from the foods that are consumed. It is teaching people how to eat less processed foods, less fast food and more whole grains, vegetables, fruits and protein – whether it is meat or alternative sources –  it is creating a well balanced diet!

Through computer analysis, we can look at the foods you are eating to see if adequate amounts of required nutrients are present. Through dietary and lifestyle history, appropriate changes can be suggested to improve the overall quality of your diet.

“Natural choices for optimum health” is the philosophy that is emphasized when working with clients. Support is given through not only diet, but exercise and herbs as well.

Whether there are specific nutritional concerns or just general questions for healthy living, Whole Foods nutrition can improve the general quality of life for people of all ages.

Whole Foods nutrition specializes in a wide variety of health concerns including food sensitivities, women’s health concerns, children’s health, weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, general well-being and more.

Louise’s goal is to give you time saving ideas for healthy eating!

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