Demystifying the FMMP or Old ways will never open new doors


Old ways will never open new doors.

There are many different kinds of fasts out there:  water fasts, the master cleanse, the cabbage soup dietary fast, bone broth fasts, and any number of detoxification fasts.  What they all have in common is you can begin them at any time no matter what you eat on a daily basis or how healthy or unhealthy you are. In other words, one day you are eating McDonald’s and the next day you are doing nothing but drinking spicy lemonade (the master cleanse).

We do not believe, based on our combined 53 years in the field of holistic health and integrative medicine, that this is a good idea or game plan.

What will that actually do for a person? Will there be any lasting effects?

That depends on what you want. If you want to reset after a vacation or the holidays, a fast may be ok. You will lose some water weight and reduce your toxic load.

If you want to make a lasting change, that will not work.

We are offering a lasting change, or at least a good shot at it, with our Fasting Mimicking Mindfulness Program (FMMP).

So what exactly does this FMP entail?

The program begins with a 3 week preparation phase that includes:

  1. Dietary recommendations that eliminate inflammatory foods to help your body prepare for the 5-day fast
  2. Goal setting worksheets to help you to stop and think about why you are doing the program, what you hope to accomplish, and what changes you want to make in your life once it is completed
  3. Introduction to mindfulness to help you get started with a daily practice and audio recordings to do each day
  4. A zoom meeting to meet your fellow participants and ask any questions as we embark on the 3 week preparation phase
  5. The establishment of a participant email support group that will be monitored by Anita and Louise along with private email options
  6. A copy of all of the recipes needed for the 5-day fast that you can prepare ahead of time and freeze, along with a shopping list for ease

 The next 2 weeks include:

  1. The 5-day fasting mimicking mindfulness program with what to eat daily plus meditation and mindfulness practices for AM and PM
  2. A zoom party to celebrate your accomplishments and talk about your experience
  3. Recommendations for coming off the fast
  4. Post mindfulness practices
  5. One week for follow up questions and concerns related to implementing your goals and practices

The FMP is more than just abstaining from food and drink; it is an invitation to go inward and take some time with and for yourself.  It is a complete program that will offer you benefits beyond the actual 5-day fasting period. It is designed to engage you on all PEMS levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in order to gain health and wholeness

” As a first time FMP participant, I expected this to be challenging. But the foods were DELICIOUS and filling. Anita’s and Louise’s daily guidance was invaluable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.” Karen

We look forward to having you join us on this exciting, life-changing journey!  Sign up here now. Or call for more info 570-421-3708.


Anita and Louise

Want to join us?

For the second time during COVID-19, we will embark on a journey of a lifetime. Please consider joining us. Anita and Louise are announcing new offerings to help you navigate these challenging times.

Our Fasting MIndfulness Program is easy and accessible to everyone and our 21 Day Transformation and Regeneration Protocol will set you up for success!

COVID- 19 has made all of us more aware of the need for stress reduction, healthy living ,and wellness practices to allow us to live more connected to ourselves and the world around us.

The 21 Day Transformation and Regeneration Protocol and the Fasting Mindfulness Program (FMP) are combined in a 5 week guided and supported program. We lead you through the entire program. We offer you a support group of like minded individuals to journey with, all the tools you will need, and the recipes and mindfulness practices that make this a one of a kind, full and rich experience.  We believe that body and mind are not separate and our program gives you the necessary tools for optimal health and well-being on all levels.

This program is unique in that it provides information, exercises for both body and mind, and food guidance.  It is an approach that benefits the whole person, body mind and spirit, and shows that all of these are inter related.  The benefits from this combined approach can be life changing on many levels.”  ~ Nancy G. 66

For questions and more information call or text us at 570-421-3708 or email –


A little truth telling and the FMMP

Step away from the junk food, the refrigerator, and maybe even the glass of wine (always one of my go-to stress reducers).

This is a time of high anxiety for many of us. Even if you are enjoying being home and loving having some time for yourself, there is an underlying current of global panic that we cannot help but feel.

And if you are still going to work every day or working long hours from home, there is a heaviness and burden being carried that you cannot help but feel.

It is difficult to sustain healthy practices during a pandemic – of course we have never lived through a pandemic so how would we know that?

Sure many people are walking their dogs, their children, and themselves into oblivion, but then coming home to potato chips and chocolate (again, truthfully, I tend towards the chocolate).

I also tend toward 5-8 cups of vegetables a day, good healthy fats, low protein, and no sugar (even my chocolate is stevia sweetened – somehow that makes me feel better).

I was not always this way, but with the gentle (ok, knock me over the head) nudging of my sister, Louise, and many other wonderful life coaches and therapists, I stopped taking care of everyone else, abusing myself, and started taking care of myself.

I still take care of many, many people, but I also know how to stop, slow down, practice what I preach, including the occasional indulgence in chips and wine (especially in the early stages of a pandemic – I’m off that now and back on track –  thanks for wondering)!

As my good friend says,” progress not perfection.”

It has been an 8 year journey and certainly not a straight line, but I have been consistent in one thought: I matter, no one is going to take care of me, and I am worthy of my love ( that is actually 3 thoughts, but you get the point).

The journey had to begin somewhere and sometime. It had to begin with something and someone.

Maybe this is your moment?

Mine began with the Regeneration Diet and moved deeper from there.

I do not know where I would be without this journey. I was so crippled with back pain and self- destructive habits around food, etc. My 20’s and 30’s were constantly filled with pain on all levels. My 40’s (admittedly not my best decade) were going in the same direction until I took control of my life and changed the course of it forever.

This is what we are offering – a course correction – a program to begin something just for you. If you know you have to change, want to change, are struggling to change, or feel a small slight nudge to change, then our FMMP is for you! It begins with the Regeneration Diet, moves to a 5-day fasting mimicking diet, has meditation and mindfulness woven throughout, and ends with help to move into the new life you desire.

Plus during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we are offering it at a sliding fee scale of $100-$200, with no one being turned away for lack of funds.

Please consider joining us. Reach out here.

With love,


PS – look for tomorrow’s blog on Demystifying the FMMP – what it actually entails.

A great time for something new

‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’

With many of us taking time to slow down, stay in, and help contain the COVID-19 virus, it is a perfect time to assess, evaluate, and think long term. How is your health on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual)? Is your immune system functioning optimally? Do you feel strong, vibrant, joyful, and at ease? Are you able to reduce stress on a daily basis?

If there is room for improvement, let us help.

We are thrilled to announce our Fasting Mimicking Mindfulness Program (FMMP).

This is a chance for you to be a part of groundbreaking science in the field of fasting mimicking. This program gives you a chance to reset your body, your mind, and your spirit.

This is not just about food! This is about understanding yourself on all levels. This is a chance to break the cycles of unhealthy living and thinking.

Empower yourself to set and achieve the goals that will move you towards the life you want to live.

Read about our FMMP and listen to our audio to find out more.

Program is set to begin April 13th.

“This program was a life changer for me. I realized how food and stress are controlling my life.”

“I feel freed from the tyranny of food and I learned the difference between what my mind needs and what my body needs.”