Weight Loss and Inflammation

 Get Help! Fasting Mindfulness Program begins MAY 10th  Do you know people, or maybe yourself, who are on a perpetual diet trying to lose weight?  They have tried the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Whole 30, and the list could go on and on.  They exercise, they eat right, they count their calories,Continue reading “Weight Loss and Inflammation”

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Listen to what others are saying about the life changing Fasting Mindfulness Program …still undecided about whether the Fasting Mindfulness Program (FMP) is for you? Listen as Anita and Louise give the details of their groundbreaking, science inspired protocol. Here are some reflections from our last fasting participants: This program is unique in that itContinue reading “Join today!”

What is the Fasting Mindfulness Program?

Old ways will never open new doors. – Anita There are many different kinds of fasts out there:  water fasts, the master cleanse, the cabbage soup dietary fast, bone broth fasts, and any number of detoxification fasts.  What they all have in common is you can begin them at any time no matter what youContinue reading “What is the Fasting Mindfulness Program?”

Get ready. Get set. Go.

It is time for us all to change. We are called to take our health into our own hands, to take action, and to understand the importance of well-being on all levels. One of the best ways we have found to do these things is through Fasting/Time Restricted Eating/Mindfulness/Group Support, and Knowledge. Our 5 weekContinue reading “Get ready. Get set. Go.”

Join us! Fasting Mindfulness Program

  Program begins August 28th! Join us and change your life! Join your fearless (well, most of the time) leaders, Anita Bondi and Louise Bowman as we painlessly (well, we do our best) guide and help you to: eliminate inflammatory foods begin intermittent fasting/time restricted eating learn to slow down and quiet your mind doContinue reading “Join us! Fasting Mindfulness Program”