“To enter The Great Work we must first enter Silence…” ~Gregory Silence S     it quietly I     n L     ife, take the time to E     nquire into I am N     ot this  not that C     essation of thought is the doorway into E     ternity ~ Gregory Bondi   From his book “Songs of Silence: Poems to AccompanyContinue reading “Silence”

Morning Inspiration

I like to get up early so that I can have time to be still, quiet, contemplative, and yes, so that I can make my lists! I am a chronic list maker. I admit to actually doing something “NOT” on my list and then going to my list to add it just so that IContinue reading “Morning Inspiration”

May we brag? Equinox brag.

“All it takes is one small taste of Silence, and if asked, you would gladly SHOUT “YES” to this journey a hundred times over.” ~Gregory May we brag? OK, twist our arms. Our brother, Gregory has just released his first book of poetry! He has created an amazing video to inspire you, meditate with, andContinue reading “May we brag? Equinox brag.”

Kitchen Experiments – Rice Pasta with Tofu Pesto Sauce

Sometimes when I am thinking about what to make for dinner, I will remember a recipe that I have not made in a long time and if I am lucky, the recipe will actually fit in with our Alcat diet plan. Well, I was lucky this week!  Years ago my brother Gregory made up this recipeContinue reading “Kitchen Experiments – Rice Pasta with Tofu Pesto Sauce”