When INCREMENTALITY takes a trip he packs a big bag, knowing that it may be awhile before he gets where he is going. He likes to take the road less traveled so that he can breathe deeply, notice, and enjoy the journey.  He doesn’t usually wear a watch, choosing instead to go at the speed ofContinue reading “Incrementality”


When Stillness is around everyone has a different response.  Some people are able to relax instantly by her side, while others seem to squirm and wiggle, uncomfortable with her lack of movement.  She doesn’t have trouble with any of it.  In fact, she completely understands.  At one time she was a Type A personality whoContinue reading “Stillness”

Morning Inspiration

I like to get up early so that I can have time to be still, quiet, contemplative, and yes, so that I can make my lists! I am a chronic list maker. I admit to actually doing something “NOT” on my list and then going to my list to add it just so that IContinue reading “Morning Inspiration”

May we brag? Equinox brag.

“All it takes is one small taste of Silence, and if asked, you would gladly SHOUT “YES” to this journey a hundred times over.” ~Gregory May we brag? OK, twist our arms. Our brother, Gregory has just released his first book of poetry! He has created an amazing video to inspire you, meditate with, andContinue reading “May we brag? Equinox brag.”

The girls who cried paddle board!

We just keep saying, “this is our last time paddle boarding for the season.” You are probably sick of hearing it. If that isn’t bad enough, we also feel compelled to keep sharing our images with you. The sky was mostly blue and the sun was shining, but the wind was blowing something fierce.  WeContinue reading “The girls who cried paddle board!”