Please trust yourself

We understand the need for extra care at this time in our community and our world. It can be challenging to sift through all of the information coming at us from the news, internet, family and friends, and maybe even people we meet at the grocery store! Who we trust is important and at WellspringContinue reading “Please trust yourself”

This weekend! Holiday Craft Bazaar

  Come meet the people making the products you are purchasing. Get away from the big chain store crowds and noise to shop while listening to live music, nibbling healthy treats, and connecting with artists who create with love and intention. We look forward to welcoming you and connecting with you! Anita, Louise, Susan, John,Continue reading “This weekend! Holiday Craft Bazaar”


When INCREMENTALITY takes a trip he packs a big bag, knowing that it may be awhile before he gets where he is going. He likes to take the road less traveled so that he can breathe deeply, notice, and enjoy the journey.  He doesn’t usually wear a watch, choosing instead to go at the speed ofContinue reading “Incrementality”


When Stillness is around everyone has a different response.  Some people are able to relax instantly by her side, while others seem to squirm and wiggle, uncomfortable with her lack of movement.  She doesn’t have trouble with any of it.  In fact, she completely understands.  At one time she was a Type A personality whoContinue reading “Stillness”

Morning Inspiration

I like to get up early so that I can have time to be still, quiet, contemplative, and yes, so that I can make my lists! I am a chronic list maker. I admit to actually doing something “NOT” on my list and then going to my list to add it just so that IContinue reading “Morning Inspiration”

Artist Feature – Anita Bondi and Louise Bowman – co-directors Wellspring Holistic Center

Many of you already know this but occasionally we get someone new in the office that says, “there is something similar about the two of you.” “Your mannerisms or I just can’t put my finger on it.” So for those of you who don’t know – we are sisters and are thrilled to be atContinue reading “Artist Feature – Anita Bondi and Louise Bowman – co-directors Wellspring Holistic Center”

Remember this…

…you are the sky. Everything else is just weather. -Pema Chodron I performed in Sarah Carlson/Dancelink’s UBBH( The Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human), in Bethlehem, PA this past Saturday. The week before the performance I was panicking as I was pretty darn sure I was going to be asked to do a Big Body StoryContinue reading “Remember this…”

Holiday Helper – week six

Practice Last night we had sleet and freezing rain and the temperature went from “no coat” to “scarf, hat, and coat” in about 2 hours. I want to just curl up in a blank and sit by the fire but practice has me lacing up my sneakers and getting ready for a 4 mile run.Continue reading “Holiday Helper – week six”

Holiday Helper – week five

just a note…somehow this never went out last week…..ahhhh…technology….. Yesterday was Black Friday and the malls were packed, the newspaper was stuffed with sale circulars, and my inbox was jammed with emails offering me sales, sales, sales. For some people, all of the hustle and bustle and stimulation is FUN. If you are one ofContinue reading “Holiday Helper – week five”

Holiday Helper – week three

Stop and take a breath. Look at the water, soften your gaze, and take an Easy Focus. List in your mind, out loud, or on a piece of paper the top three things that are bothering you in this moment. These can be little or big; important or not; things that you would tell everyoneContinue reading “Holiday Helper – week three”