This weekend! Holiday Craft Bazaar


Come meet the people making the products you are purchasing. Get away from the big chain store crowds and noise to shop while listening to live music, nibbling healthy treats, and connecting with artists who create with love and intention.

We look forward to welcoming you and connecting with you!

Anita, Louise, Susan, John, Michelle, Susanne, Teri, Margie, Bud

poems to myself – 18

today i will drive

a lot
i will go to visit an
old friend
who will turn
81 tomorrow
we will sit and talk
about the dog, her relatives that never call,
and what the doctor thinks he can do
about her pain
then, i will head to my parents
both close to 80 themselves
we will share a meal
say the rosary together
go to a prayer meeting
this is what they do
and i agree to do it with them
it just makes sense
i will say my own prayer of gratitude
today for being able to drive
and another one
for all the women in Saudi Arabia
who cannot drive
because it might
hurt their ovaries
and maybe i will even thank my own
because they are shriveling up
with age and lack of use
i will thank them for what might have been
bless them for what was
i will sit in church
next to my mom
welcome in the silence
the sitting with all of this
grit and grace
the pause to remember
that this life calls us
by many names
and reveals many faces
some i will recognize over and over
some will come and others go
and all the while my feet will walk on
holy ground
each time i open my car door
and arrive
there will be
communion offered
all i have to do is walk forward
say Amen
take the gift in my hands
place it in my mouth

Just do it.


Many of my patients are weary. Most days I understand. These are tough and turbulent times. What is making this time in history different from other times? One thing I muse is that in this age of technology, we have so much available to us 24/7. We can access news, sports, information about anything and everything all the time. And we do. It is overstimulation. We are too tired most days for self- care.

There are many reasons to give up. There are many reasons to stay in the game. Picture one of those reasons right now. Stop reading to do this. Take a deep breath and exhale into the image.

Yesterday a patient asked me, “how do I get myself to do ______?”

I replied, ” how do you think you get yourself to do _______?”

She chuckled and said, “I just get up and do it!”

Yes, unfortunately and most fortunately it is that simple most of the time – we just have to do it – the thing that we say we want to do and keep falling short of accomplishing.

For me it is late night snacking.

For her it is taking a walk in the morning.

For you?

Some things are harder. Some things are out of our control. For today we can pick one thing that we can do and then we can do it.

I know. I know. This is not helpful because you already know it and it is helpful because you already know it.

Time to do it. Simple sentiments for complicated issues and stressful times.

Trust me. Even if you do not know me, I assure you, you will feel better. One small step today because today is all we have.

Just do it.

Let me know how it goes.


I swear I will not dishonor my soul with hatred, but offer

myself humbly as a guardian of nature. a healer of misery,

as a messenger of wonder, as an architect of peace.

Diane Ackerman

Peace Necklace ABD

What do we do when we feel stressed? Shoulders tighten. Jaw clenches. Vision narrows.

Simple Thursday tools for giving yourself some peace:

1. take a deep breath and hold it for a count of 4, then exhale like you are blowing through a straw

2. Repeat number 1 – at least 3-7 times

3. Take the scrunched up place between your eyes with your thumb and forefinger and then throw your hand up in the air while yelling, WHEE!

4. Repeat number 3 – many, many times.

If all else fails, come into Wellspring Holistic Center and have a cup of tea, book a session, or just get a hug.


“Maybe you should give that up for Lent,” He said.

Many of my non-practicing Catholic friends still give up things for Lent. I laugh when they tell me that.

I think it is like a do – over for New Year’s Day. All the promises have already fallen by the wayside; gathering dust in the corners of every room. Those resolutions that we felt so sure we would succeed at this time around; all gone now as winter hibernation and lethargy have taken their place.


so, here comes Lent, another chance to make a commitment to do something good for yourself. ( I can almost hear my Dad at this point letting me know that is not why we give up things and certainly not what Lent is about. ” I know Dad,  but I am taking creative license here. Don’t worry, 12 years of Catholic education was not wasted, and many other fine blogs are out there about the true meaning of Lenten sacrifice.”)


I do see that most of us need external reasons for growth and change – so what will it be?

~ Giving up Chocolate/Ice cream

gowith~ Limiting your Carbs

~Putting exercise into your daily routine

~Writing in your journal or meditating every morning

~Not cussing or swearing

~Loving your partner and showing that love daily

This is a chance to take advantage of an external prompt and goal. Plus, it is only a short time compared to those 2015, 365 day promises.

I am warming up to the idea.

For me, I am musing giving up working on myself.

That is the question that was posed to me. Could I do it? I am definitely addicted to self- help and constant self-evaluation. I have a pile of books surrounding me that are spiritual, psychological, and therapeutic in nature. I talk process constantly – I mean constantly – it is my work, my play, and everything in between.

What would I do with myself for 40 days?

What would be the reason to give it up? Maybe to take some of the pressure off of myself? Maybe to spend some time being more creative, more relaxed, and more _________?

I am not sure.

I still have a few hours to mull this over.

Chocolate seems like a better and safer bet at this moment!

Even though…

Even though you have 10 or more pounds to lose.

Even though you are still not sure what you want to be when you grow up.

Even though you don’t make enough money.

Even though you are never good enough.

Even though you make mistakes.

Even though you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Even though you snapped at your loved one this morning.

Even though you can’t keep up with the Jones’ or don’t want to.

Even though you fail, mess up, and trip over your own feet.

Even though you are afraid you will be alone.

Even though you hurt, get hurt, or avoid hurt.

Even though you live in denial.

Even though life is not always a bowl of cherries.

Even though you keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Yes, Even though, these things and so much more…

you are worthy of love, being loved, and most of all, loving yourself.

Ask anyone who loves you: partner, friend, child, pet – and really listen. I am positive they have been trying to tell you (about your loveableness) and get you to believe them for a long, long time.

Now your job is to work on letting it in – deeply, fully, and completely.

anita bondi designs


There’s still time!

Even though our seventh annual Open House and Art Sale is over, there is still time to purchase your last minute gifts!

Here’s how:

Stop in at Wellspring Holistic Center on Saturday  or Tuesday and find a great selection of jewelry, natural body products and organic beeswax/coconut oil candles (clean burn for up to 100 hours!).

candlesdisplayContact Adon for some of her amazing ceramic creations -her ornaments were selling like hotcakes at the show!!

adonAnd then whimsical Samantha and her awesome polymer clay -great gifts for kids!!! and adults too!

samSusanne almost sold out of her wonderful fabric creations but she may have a few more gems hidden away so get in touch and find out!

susanneSusan went back to the west coast, but here is a taste of her display so that you don’t miss next year’s show!!