Rainy day love poem

Grab a hold of what matters.

See the one word written on the arm of


Twist something free down in the belly of the

mother –

it stirs,

awakens to a day

when all you need to do is

show up.

Wake the sleeping giant

between your shoulder blades.

Rise up.

The peace lily has decided this is the

moment to bloom.

Follow her white hood as far up as you


Greet the tree tops.  The red tail hawk

sitting on the naked branch full of


Why not join her? Bring amazement.

Sit close,

brush the feathers from your own


There is a special kind of beauty

to the rain.

~Anita Bondi 2018

poems to myself- 57-take 3

we are all trying to hide
bad behavior
an extra roll
of flesh around the waist
when everyone is
doing it
how do we convince
anyone that it is
not going to make
this world
less insane
nothing will heal this way
not the earth
not us
my sister in law says
that she hears when we destroy
this planet
we will just inhabit another
like Mars
or the Moon
i watch a squirrel bury
nuts in a pot on my back porch
he is hiding something
late Fall and the flowers seem to have
forgotten to die
or maybe they
are staging a coup
choose something
no hiding
even your expanding waistline
bloom right out in the open
stop apologizing
shun the seasonal appropriateness
of anything
boldly shine
kindess on everyone
your true colors

Thank you Robert Bly

Thank you Robert Bly
imagine someone comes to your door

tells you
you are forgiven
hands you the keys
the Kingdom
the moment
you reach out
take the
gift in your
worn and weary
the minute the tears
stream down your face
roll onto the floor
the sea
of redemption
that is the moment
you will walk
on water
you will
taste the honey
from the hive
of your goodness
you will crawl into
the cave
of forgiveness
with candles
a book of
you will light the
write on the walls
lie down
for the first
in years.
– Anita Bondi 2017

This Moment


Out of nothing came Everything.


Think about that!

Out of nothing came Everything.


Standing here in this kitchen now cooking is the miracle,

boiling water,

making tea.

The feel of the sun this morning.

The feel of the rain this evening.


If we were truly paying full attention to this moment,

there is enough direct contact with infinity right here to drive us

all mad with Bliss.

~ Gregory Bondi

From his book “Songs of Silence: Poems to Accompany You on The Journey Home Vol. 1″

Click on the link for the YouTube video  to listen to Gregory reading some of the poems from the book.

Morning Inspiration

stillnessI like to get up early so that I can have time to be still, quiet, contemplative, and yes, so that I can make my lists!

I am a chronic list maker.

I admit to actually doing something “NOT” on my list and then going to my list to add it just so that I can cross it off.

There is some feeling of accomplishment and some sense of peace that comes over me when I go down my list and see all the things that I have done that day.

Here is the rub: lately I am also noticing the feeling of tightness and the sense of dis-ease that comes over me when I go down my list and see all the things that did not get done that day.

This has become a theme recently – the “not” getting done and the stress that I notice in my body.

With the computer age sitting heavy upon us, there is so much more to do. We have access to so many people or maybe better put, they have access to us.

I can’t keep up with everyone. I can’t read everyone’s blogs or Facebook posts or even respond to everyone’s emails or messages.

Well, I could but then I would not really be in my life – I would just be talking and writing about my life – and that is not living my life.

This is a problem that I am sure many of us are feeling and facing. What do you do?

I sure could use some help with this one.

Please share your wisdom as it helps all of us.

I always say to my students, ” make sure to ask your questions because if one of you is wondering, guaranteed others are as well.”

For me, I know it is a choice. I must choose me. This is the most difficult thing for me. I am a caregiver. I am a lover. I am a healer.

To care for myself. To love myself. To heal myself. This requires that I make space and time for the things that will keep me healthy and well on all levels.

I do different things on different days. Today, I am turning off the computer, reading a poem (this one from my brother, Gregory’s new book), and meditating for the next 20 minutes.

See you on the other side.

A snippet from the poem, Oneness

This morning I was a light socket again

Yesterday I was the clock on the wall

and the ticking of the time

Tomorrow who knows what I may become,

maybe a night bird

or a blade of grass

May we brag? Equinox brag.

“All it takes is one small taste of Silence, and if asked, you would gladly SHOUT “YES” to this journey a hundred times over.” ~Gregory

May we brag?
OK, twist our arms.

Our brother, Gregory has just released his first book of poetry!

He has created an amazing video to inspire you, meditate with, and help you to appreciate the depths of these poems. It is also an awesome Spring Equinox offering for contemplation.


The book is called:
Songs of Silence
Poems to Accompany You on the Journey Home Vol. i
Order it here.
And soon we hope to have them for sale at Wellspring Holistic Center.


are like wildfire, they burn fierce and hot and strong and quick, and if you do not catch the heat as it passes, they are gone.
These words
are intended to bring the support structures down, and nothing is meant to be left standing in their wake.
is an invitation to step into the fire.
Only when
we can let every-thing go,
will we then gain Everything.


One more time: You must see the video,as it is spectacular.

Thanks for indulging us. We are proud AND for a good reason.

May the Spring Equinox rock your world, or at least create a moment of balance.

Anita and Louise