Body/Mind Therapy – What to expect


The first session for Body/Mind Therapy usually runs a full 90 minutes. After that session length can be determined by need and/or finances.

Many different techniques can be employed with the majority of the work being Neurofascial Release. This work is done with the patient lying on the table fully clothed or standing next to the table for various releases. There will always be a full history taken, time for the actual hands on work, and time for questions, observations, and comments. There may be homework given in the form of simple exercises, stretches, and/or meditation practices. The touch for the hands on work is very light pressure and usually pain free. At times when a strain is releasing, one may feel a bit of pressure or a dull pain which subsides when the release is complete. There may also be emotions that are released. Memories may surface and talk therapy techniques can be employed. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility and everything that comes up in a session is treated with the utmost care and respect.

My main goal is to listen and to create a safe environment built on trust and honor.

Your story is uniquely yours. There is no cookie cutter formula for me to follow. You, your body, your story will be our guide.

I look forward to our journey and to your health on all levels.

I also am happy to offer other services for relaxation and enjoyment. Those include: Massage (Deep Tissue, Swedish, combinations)
Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Thai Massage (done on a mat)

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