Healing Arts w/ Anita Bondi

I love healing. I love art. When they come together, magic happens. There is a synergy between healing and art. My life has been dedicated to bringing this out, into, and through this life. I am dedicated to healing the illusion of separation that most of us are caught up in and to the art and craft of listening, witnessing, and presence.


Zoom Sessions now available and gaining in popularity! It is amazing the healing power that can be harnessed even when we are not physically together. I have now (surprisingly and happily) spent an entire year cultivating this healing art form that would have never found its way to me if not for COVID-19. The silver lining in the pandemic has been that dozens of people have been with me online for body/mind therapy that includes: talking about what is going on in any given situation, inquiry into the patterns and mindsets, body scanning to find out the feelings and sensations as further roadmaps, and at times “hands on” energy work to release the strains and patterns identified. It is very powerful healing work, and in the words of a patient ,” energy is energy, so it just makes sense.” Schedule with me: anitab@anitabondidesigns.com or read more here.

Who are you? Why are you here? What is creating all of life? Are you really at choice? If these questions resonate with you, then come and join me on the journey of a lifetime to uncover the “Truth that will set us free.” There are a few ways to do that: 1 to 1 sessions, YouTube videos, Insight Timer guided meditations, inviting me to present a workshop in Mindfulness/Inquiry for your organization or group, attending a workshop, sound healing/breathwork session or put your full body in motion with Trance Dance – Movement Medicine.

Trance Dance – Movement Medicine

“Put the body in motion and the psyche will heal itself.” – Gabrielle Roth

I have been a student of movement and dance for the last 35 years. I have found a resting place in Trance Dance – Movement Medicine. I create each session with intention, breath, music, and free form movement. At times there is a theme or intention and at times there is just the moment arising in front of us and the surprise of what is born. Currently, we are meeting once a month at Yoga House in Stroudsburg, PA. Please send me an email if you are interested, curious, and/or ready to find your feet and your freedom.


Words are fascinating to me. Nature and our connection through our bodies has me mesmerized and captivated. I began a 60 sec. poem a day practice about 3 years ago and although I do not write everyday currently, I enjoy dipping in and out of that as a spiritual practice and recently the poems have found their way into some of my meditations which you can watch, or listen to.

Door of Awakening

Remember this quiet

ear over ground

vibrating undercurrent

all moving towards this

one pause –

the geese, pine needles, and your desire

knew better than to wait.

All that asks answers

old weathered tree of wonder

is talking

plant yourself at the door of awakening

climb the staircase

as if you know

it is inviting forever.

anita 2021©

This was published April 2021 in the Bucks County Art and Culture online mag.

Come Home

breathe in

breathe out

look up

look out

stop the search

be the moment

that is under your feet

the information will

not cease

the blue light

will forever call you

stand up straight

be the solid ground

of you own goodness

seek the truth

found under the murky

leaf pile

step outside

notice the air

is sending a

gentle message:

come home

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