“The ladies at Wellspring helped me through some very rough patches in life. They exude caring and love and are experts in alternative health…and spreading peace. Let them help you too!”

~ Jeanmarie McKool Pollock

“I have known Anita for almost twenty years, and Louise for more than five. Their work has been essential to my overall health and that of my family. A deep caring and concern for the wellness of their clients is evident and selfless. This has given them a broad reach in our community and has been a blessing to many.”

~ Jennifer Olson

“Both the treatments I have received and the classes I have taken at Wellspring have guided me in my journey to integrate body, mind, and spirit.  Anita and Louise  are skilled in what they do and are compassionate healers who are committed to supporting and empowering each individual in his or her unique journey toward wellness and wholeness.” 

~ Susan Featro

“Anita’s neurofascial work has facilitated tremendous physical and emotional healing and growth. For years I experienced debilitating residual pain from shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia); knee pain (before and after surgery); and back pain (scoliosis) with little to no relief from conventional medicine or other healing practitioners. Since working with Anita, I am off all pain and anxiety medications. She is the best thing that happened to me since I relocated to the Poconos! I feel fortunate, blissfully blessed, and eternally grateful.”

~ Catherine Young

“Twice in my life I have had physical issues that western medicine alone could not heal. Anita treats the Whole person and brings the pieces into harmony. This process is incremental and deep. I leave every session quiet in mind, body, and heart – ready to grow past the physical and mental stopping places.

 My immune system is stronger from my ongoing treatments and my insights into my motivations are more beneficial to my well-being.

Anita is a healer who feels deeply into my essence and can energetically bring about profound changes. I thank her with all my heart.”

~Rita Baragona

“Since my last post, I began working with Louise for lifelong high blood pressure (30 years). It is miraculous to me that Louise—through her training in Chinese medicine and her skill in acupuncture—reduced my BP readings to normal levels and the best in my adult life . . .  and without prescriptions! I am also indebted to her for being instrumental in discovering a serious heart condition. Because it was caught early, I was able to avoid surgery with a low dose medication. I am truly grateful for the tremendous healing benefits I have experienced through Wellspring Holistic Center!”

 ~Catherine Young

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