Holiday Helper – week three

Stop and take a breath. Look at the water, soften your gaze, and take an Easy Focus.

NJ shore

NJ shore

List in your mind, out loud, or on a piece of paper the top three things that are bothering you in this moment. These can be little or big; important or not; things that you would tell everyone or tell no one. There is no judgement or need to change or fix anything. You are just Exforming what is keeping you from being calm in this moment.

NJ Shore

NJ Shore

Does the water look different now?

If not…

InterPlay offers another tool in case you are struggling with the letting go part:

Get on it. Get off it. Get over it.
The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

The message:

Have fun today as you watch yourself get on it, get off it, and get over it! Use this FREE PASS to let go of over thinking, holding on, and taking yourself and others too seriously. Now is the time to practice letting things flow in and out of your body and mind.


Holiday Helper ~ week one

Our recent Wellspring Holistic Center newsletter was titled, Fall….ing Behind as that is the way we have been feeling for the last few months.

My promise to our clients, patients, and readers was to give one Holiday Helper per week for the next nine weeks (YES, YES…only nine weeks until you know what?!)

I will be using the principles and practices of InterPlay, a wonderful, fun system to help UNLOCK THE WISDOM OF THE BODY.

These Holiday Helpers will also feature the InterPlay Inspiration Deck.

Week One

Easy Focus  The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

Easy Focus
The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

Easy Focus

Take a moment to stare at an object that is close by.

Now, soften your focus and your gaze and take in more of the scene around the object without moving your eyes.

Release your shoulders and jaw.

Expand your soft focus even more and bring in more of the scene around the object. Keep your eyes on the object.

Notice your breath changing?

Notice more quiet inside and outside?

Take a deep breath and let it out with a gentle sigh.


if all else fails, take your forefinger and thumb, grab that scrunched up place between your eyebrows, (you know that one that gets all tight when you are focused and stressed?!) throw your hand up into the air, and yell, WHEE!

Repeat as necessary.

This will take only a minute and it is as effective as any candy bar or glass of wine. Give it a try.

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