Holiday Helper – week five

just a note…somehow this never went out last week…..ahhhh…technology…..

Yesterday was Black Friday and the malls were packed, the newspaper was stuffed with sale circulars, and my inbox was jammed with emails offering me sales, sales, sales.

For some people, all of the hustle and bustle and stimulation is FUN. If you are one of them, now is the time to charge full steam ahead into the holidays.

If you are like me, all of the fervor makes me want to take a long nap and wake up sometime in January.

Breathing in and out helps. (Exformation)

Slowing down and focusing on people more than things helps. (Easy Focus)

Making lists and not packing too much into the day helps. (Body Wisdom)

Letting go of having to get it all done perfectly helps. (Get on it. off it. over it)

scout holds it all loosely and lightly!
scout holds it all loosely and lightly!


Holiday Helper number five can help with its InterPlay wisdom:

Hold it Loosely and Lightly

Life doesn’t have to be so hard!

Today you are invited to hold things loosely and lightly.

Soften your grip and relax.

Use this FREE PASS to let everyone around you know

that you are moving from fixation to exhalation!

This week, find

your happy place, take a family member or friend along for the ride, and together we will make it to 2014 with more EASE, FLOW, and LOVE!

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