When INCREMENTALITY takes a trip he packs a big bag, knowing that it may be awhile before he gets where he is going. He likes to take the road less traveled so that he can breathe deeply, notice, and enjoy the journey.  He doesn’t usually wear a watch, choosing instead to go at the speed of the body.   Once, in the black of night, he got lost.  Instead of panicking, he just used tiny steps to retrace his path and led himself out of trouble.  “One step at a time” is the advice he can be heard giving anyone about anything.

Incrementality is one of twenty-one cards in the Interplay Inspiration deck created by Anita Bondi.  Each card has a symbol and a story to help you unlock the wisdom of your body and remind you that life doesn’t have to be so hard!


This deck’s round cards and trendy tin packaging are easy to use and fun to carry around everywhere you go!

As you pick a card, feel free to be silly or serious. Have a practical question in your mind, a sacred intention in your heart, or a whimsical feeling in your body! After choosing your card, read the story on the back (unless it is a WHEEE! card), and then look up the card in the booklet. The story on the card will offer imagery and analogy. The text in the booklet will provide teachings on the particular principle from The InterPlay System (developed by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter). The booklet will also invite you to “try this”, suggesting practical applications for your daily life. What are you waiting for, jump in!

Decks are sold at Wellspring Holistic Center or online.

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