When Stillness is around everyone has a different response.  Some people are able to relax instantly by her side, while others seem to squirm and wiggle, uncomfortable with her lack of movement.  She doesn’t have trouble with any of it.  In fact, she completely understands.  At one time she was a Type A personality who ran a Fortune 500 company.  She worked 16 hours a day, and rarely took a vacation.  When her sister was diagnosed with a serious illness, she stopped everything and went with her to a retreat center for a month of silence and meditation.  That changed her life.  Now stillness owns a small bookstore.  She reads, writes, naps, and has never been happier.


Stillness is one of twenty-one cards in the Interplay Inspiration deck created by Anita Bondi.  Each card has a symbol and a story to help you unlock the wisdom of your body and remind you that life doesn’t have to be so hard!


This deck’s round cards and trendy tin packaging are easy to use and fun to carry around everywhere you go!

As you pick a card, feel free to be silly or serious. Have a practical question in your mind, a sacred intention in your heart, or a whimsical feeling in your body! After choosing your card, read the story on the back (unless it is a WHEEE! card), and then look up the card in the booklet. The story on the card will offer imagery and analogy. The text in the booklet will provide teachings on the particular principle from The InterPlay System (developed by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter). The booklet will also invite you to “try this”, suggesting practical applications for your daily life. What are you waiting for, jump in!

Decks are sold at Wellspring Holistic Center or online.

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Acupuncturist, Nutritionist and co-director of Wellspring Holistic Center with Anita Bondi

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