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Flowers and Smiles

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.

~ Joseph Addison


Flowers make me smile and this one put a big smile on my face.  I have lived in my house going on 12 years now.  I have Irises all around the yard. For some reason, not all my Irises bloom every year.  Some years I have a lot that bloom and other years hardly any.  Well, in all of my years at this house, I have never seen this one bloom!  I was so excited to see it.  Not only is this the first year that this one bloomed, but I have never seen another one like it – EVER. You never do know what will bloom in your own backyard do you?


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Mango Soup

Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” start of summer.  Kids start dreaming about the end of school and summer vacation.  Personally, I start dreaming about warm weather, sunshine, paddle boarding, and lots and lots of gardening.  With the current weather pattern that we are in I am really dreaming about seeing the sun for longer than 1 day!

This is also the “unofficial” beginning of Barbeque season and family get-togethers.  Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, Green Salad, Fruit Salad and grilled almost anything – that is what is on the menu.  This recipe would be a welcome addition to the food table.  I have not made this soup in several years now, but since I rediscovered it today, I think it will be on my next get-together’s menu.  Enjoy!



Mango Soup

*This soup will make the start of any meal fun. It also passes very well as a dessert! You can actually use any fruit in place of the mangoes.  I made half the recipe with blueberries and half with mangoes and then swirled them together.  Yummy!

1 14 oz. can Light coconut milk

1/3 c. Coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup

1 Tbs. Rum (optional)


2 large Ripe mangos, peeled, pitted and chopped (about 3 c.)

3 Tbs. Lime juice

4 Tsp. Grated lime zest

1 kiwi, Peeled and cut into small pieces (garnish)

4 Strawberries (garnish)

Heat coconut milk, 1 c. water, sucanat, rum, and pinch of salt in a saucepan over medium heat until liquid comes to a boil and sucanat dissolves. Remove pan from heat.

Place half the mango chunks in a blender, pour in half the coconut mixture and blend until smooth. Pour mixture through mesh strainer into bowl. Repeat with remaining mango and coconut mixture. Stir in lime juice and zest. Refrigerate at least 2 hours and up to 2 days.




  Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

~ Khalil Gibran

Thank you to our friends Leslie and Gene for a wonderful first paddleboard of the season.  The weather was a little cool and overcast, but it was great to be out on the water.  Looking forward to many more paddles.

New Class at Wellspring Holistic Center

Aromatherapy and Stress Manangement


When: Monday, May 8, 2017 from 6:30 – 8:30pm

Cost: $30

Where: Wellspring Holistic Center

243 East Brown Street, East Stroudsburg, PA

What: Explore the healing and mental health benefits of essential oils. Basic guidelines of how to use essential oils safely. Learn how to decrease anxiety, enhance mood and decrease stress. Create a take home blend using provided supplies. Handouts provided.

Call: 973-769-3486 to sign-up

Presented by Monica Doshi Weichand, Clinical Aromatherapist from Healing Blue Bottle LLC

App Prescriptions to the Rescue!


It’s March. 3 months into the New Year.  Did you decide that this was the year that you were finally going to stick with those healthy living resolutions?  Did you start? Were you side tracked once again?  Do you need some help?  Guess what?  We all need help sticking with our resolutions!  I find that it is easier to stick with difficult changes when I have some help along the way. That’s why when I saw this list of apps that you can download to your phone or tablet, I knew I had to share it. I have used some of them and others were brand new to me.  I am hoping that you will find something to help you stick with your new healthy habits.

Clue (Apple/Android)

The perfect app to help track the female cycle.  It allows women not only to track the length of the cycle but it can also help figure out fertility windows and create body awareness in relation to hormonal shifts.

Forks over Knives (Apple/Android)

Always in need of a new recipe?  This is the place to go for good whole food recipes which are rated by their huge community of healthy eaters.

Harvest (Apple)

Did you ever find yourself standing in the grocery store in front of the avocados wondering how to tell if it is ripe or not? Or wondering if that strawberry could really be in season in the middle of winter?  And if I take that kumquat home with me, how do I store it so that it stays ripe?  Never fear, the Harvest App is here!  This has all the information you need about the fruit and vegetables in your grocery store and beyond.

Headspace (Apple/Android)

It has been an extremely stressful day and you have 10 minutes to calm yourself before the next meeting.  What do you do?  Pull out your phone of course and let this playful app help to ease your mind.  Practice the basics of meditation and mindfulness with Take10, Headspace’s free introductory series. With 10 sessions of 10 minutes each, you’ll learn how to train your mind for a happier, healthier life.

MyFitnessPal (Apple/Android)

This is the go to app to track what your eating, how much your eating and how it all breaks down nutritionally.  It also helps to keep track of your weight, activity and more.

Quality Time (Android)

Is one of your resolutions to step away from the phone?  Then let this app help you track how many times a day you check your phone as well as how much time you spend in each app.  It will surprise you how much of your day is spent looking at your phone.  Take 2 steps backwards and breathe.

Rock Clock (Apple/Android)

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning to that soft harp sound?  Why not try this app which will allow you to customize your alarm clock with upbeat, tongue-in-cheek wake tones.  Need some inspiration?  Dwayne “The Rock” will read you some words of wisdom every morning as well.  Seize the day!

Sworkit (Apple, Android)

Can’t make it to the gym?  Try this app instead.  It creates customized workouts based on your individual health goals, capabilities, and even mood. Trainers call out verbal cues to motivate and inspire each workout.

Thrive Market (Apple/Android)

Who doesn’t like to save money? This app lets you order wholesale amounts of healthy foods and products and have them delivered right to your door step.  You can filter their options to include organics, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and  even Moms.  It’s like your Costco membership except you can shop in your pajamas!

Waterlogged (Apple)

Help yourself stay hydrated with this water app.  It tracks your water intake plus gives you “sip” reminders throughout the day.

Wildfulness (Apple)

Sitting in your cubical wishing you could get outside?  This app will take you where your feet cannot.  It’s simple – watch hand-drawn nature scenes set to “psychoacoustic 3D sounds” and enjoy your brief escape.  Wildfulness take me away.

Yummly (Apple/Android)

No dairy, no gluten, no corn…what do I eat?  Let this sleek app help you find recipes based upon your specific needs.  It can even pair you up with an Instacart account to have the ingredients delivered right to your door within 1-2 hours.  With Yummly, there are no more excuses.

Good luck!