Holiday Helper – week six


Last night we had sleet and freezing rain and the temperature went from “no coat” to “scarf, hat, and coat” in about 2 hours.

I want to just curl up in a blank and sit by the fire but practice has me lacing up my sneakers and getting ready for a 4 mile


Here is a simple but profound truth:

to change your life, you just need to change your practice (or practices).

Suppose you had some new practices to help you to overcome the old practices that are not working for you anymore?

The Holiday Helpers are a great start! New simple, accessible ways to begin to change your life. practiceblog

I am not kidding. It is truly that simple!

From the InterPlay Inspiration Deck we have the wisdom of the Goddess Practice:

When Practice gets a hold of you, watch out! She is a goddess and knows what is best for you. Practice believes in self-improvement through the power of daily affirmation and repetition. Every morning for six months she brought a beautiful amber colored mat to her best friend’s house to do Pilates because the friend wanted more strength and flexibility. Practice is committed and dedicated. She knows that to change your life, you just need to change your practice. And she is willing to take your hand and walk with you every step of the way.

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