Holiday Helper – week six

Practice Last night we had sleet and freezing rain and the temperature went from “no coat” to “scarf, hat, and coat” in about 2 hours. I want to just curl up in a blank and sit by the fire but practice has me lacing up my sneakers and getting ready for a 4 mile run.Continue reading “Holiday Helper – week six”

Holiday Helper – week five

just a note…somehow this never went out last week…..ahhhh…technology….. Yesterday was Black Friday and the malls were packed, the newspaper was stuffed with sale circulars, and my inbox was jammed with emails offering me sales, sales, sales. For some people, all of the hustle and bustle and stimulation is FUN. If you are one ofContinue reading “Holiday Helper – week five”

Holiday Helper – week four

Well, the first holiday is almost upon us and I am feeling the ‘heat”. How about you? Seemed like an excellent time to bring in Holiday Helper number four : Body Wisdom. Over the course of our lives we accumulate lots of information and collect details and data about our lives: what we like andContinue reading “Holiday Helper – week four”

Holiday Helper – week three

Stop and take a breath. Look at the water, soften your gaze, and take an Easy Focus. List in your mind, out loud, or on a piece of paper the top three things that are bothering you in this moment. These can be little or big; important or not; things that you would tell everyoneContinue reading “Holiday Helper – week three”

Holiday Helper ~ week two

Exformation Exformation is an InterPlay practice that helps us move information out of our bodies. We are flooded with information on a daily basis: phones, internet, newspapers, family, friends, and even the weather bombard us with so many sensations. During stressful times of the year (the holidays are big ones for most of us), thisContinue reading “Holiday Helper ~ week two”

Holiday Helper ~ week one

Our recent Wellspring Holistic Center newsletter was titled, Fall….ing Behind as that is the way we have been feeling for the last few months. My promise to our clients, patients, and readers was to give one Holiday Helper per week for the next nine weeks (YES, YES…only nine weeks until you know what?!) I willContinue reading “Holiday Helper ~ week one”

Practice Forgiveness

If you are just tuning in, I am writing about some book marks that I made years ago and recently found. Catch up here. Book Mark 3 – Practice Forgiveness Wisdom from the book mark: If you hold a grudge after a disagreement you will not feel peace inside of yourself. If you react toContinue reading “Practice Forgiveness”

Rediscover Nature

In my last blog I mentioned The Peace Book. Read about it here to catch up on what is behind these book marks. Book Mark 2 – Rediscover Nature Let Nature Nourish You I am eternally grateful that I live near the woods. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right and my insides areContinue reading “Rediscover Nature”