Signs of Love

The woods were beautiful over the weekend. In order to practice self- care and to grow in self-love I am working on doing things just for me, just because.

At one point I stopped to take in the beauty and when I looked down I saw a heart shadow at my feet.

I love signs and metaphors.

Of course we can interpret anything for our own gain (and why not?). For me this was a sign I was on the right track – the right track to the right love.

I was blessed during that hour with three natural images of hearts in nature. I am happy to share them with you and would welcome any you might want to share with me.

no part of nature was harmed in the taking of these photos. 🙂


Rediscover Nature

In my last blog I mentioned The Peace Book. Read about it here to catch up on what is behind these book marks.

Book Mark 2 – Rediscover Nature

Let Nature Nourish You

I am eternally grateful that I live near the woods. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right and my insides are in knots – and there is nothing that can change the energy of the day.

If I allow myself to take a few minutes to walk in the woods, I am guaranteed to emerge changed.rediscovernature

  • a spotting of a duck or great blue heron
  • a red leaf that floats down and lands at my feet
  • the sound of a deer walking nearby and the gift of looking into each others eyes

Even if you just walk around the block it is bound to change you.

  • flowers of breathtaking beauty await.
  • a tree
  • the clouds
  • a breeze that tickles your arm
  • children playing and giggling

You get the picture. Join me today. Let’s get outside!