Practice Forgiveness

If you are just tuning in, I am writing about some book marks that I made years ago and recently found. Catch up here.

Book Mark 3 – Practice Forgiveness

Wisdom from the book mark:

If you hold a grudge after a disagreement you will not feel peace inside of yourself.

If you react to the present based on things that have happened in the past, you will not feel peace inside of yourself.

If you are hard on yourself and the expectations for all that you do are so unrealistic and high, you will not feel peace inside of yourself.

peacewhiteWisdom from me (or notes to self):


~stop holding grudges.

~stop forgiving but not forgetting.

~stop reacting. period. no good ever comes of it, ever.

~stop thinking that you can always do better, feel better, look better, be better.


~ start releasing the past.

~ start living in the present moment and make it the only moment.

~start breathing, pausing, and responding.

~start loving things exactly as they are – especially yourself.

Thank goodness we are all in this together. If you have any advice in the forgiveness arena, bring it on!

Thanks and love, Anita

Rediscover Nature

In my last blog I mentioned The Peace Book. Read about it here to catch up on what is behind these book marks.

Book Mark 2 – Rediscover Nature

Let Nature Nourish You

I am eternally grateful that I live near the woods. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right and my insides are in knots – and there is nothing that can change the energy of the day.

If I allow myself to take a few minutes to walk in the woods, I am guaranteed to emerge changed.rediscovernature

  • a spotting of a duck or great blue heron
  • a red leaf that floats down and lands at my feet
  • the sound of a deer walking nearby and the gift of looking into each others eyes

Even if you just walk around the block it is bound to change you.

  • flowers of breathtaking beauty await.
  • a tree
  • the clouds
  • a breeze that tickles your arm
  • children playing and giggling

You get the picture. Join me today. Let’s get outside!