Be the Change

“Be the Change you wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi


I finally put a bumper sticker on my car several years ago and this is the quote that I chose. Now I am debating selling the car and that bumper sticker is the one thing that stops me and makes me wonder if I can give that up.


I know. I know. I can just get another one. It is only a bumper stickerbe the change. In many ways that is true and yet it has been a constant reminder, a “shock” (in the spiritual sense), and a wake up call every time I get into my car.


I leave a situation, walk to my car and there is the reminder. How did I do? Did I act with integrity? Authenticity? Did I speak with kindness and respect?


I wish I could say, YES! every time but that is not always the case.

So often I see how many ways I could have responded better or how many times my ego gets invested in what I believe is right or true. I intend to be my best self, but time and time again I fail.


How do we bring ourselves consciously to situations so that we can respond instead of react?

One way is to take a deep breath, stop for a second, and then respond.

Seems easy enough, right? I don’t remember to do it though.


I could use some help. Anyone have a suggestion?


I have the desire, now I just need the action steps!


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