Holiday Helper ~ week two


Exformation is an InterPlay practice that helps us move information out of our bodies. We are flooded with information on a daily basis: phones, internet, newspapers, family, friends, and even the weather bombard us with so many sensations.

exformation from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck
Exformation from The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

During stressful times of the year (the holidays are big ones for most of us), this can escalate to proportions that are difficult for most bodies to process.

Simple ways to “EXFORM” are:

  • sighing (or exhaling out loud)
  • shaking (any body part will do)
  • breathing (seems to be a theme emerging here)

Try this Holiday Helper exercise (do it a few times in the next eight weeks!):

On a piece of paper number 1-10.

At the top of the column write,

“I release _____.”

Now list, without thinking too hard, the things you want to release. Remember don’t think about it too much and do not judge what comes out. It is all valid and real for you in this moment. If you write it down, you needed to release it. Trust. Your body will not lie to you.

Exformation feels so good!

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