Fasting Mindfulness Program

Listen to what others are saying about the life changing Fasting Mindfulness Program

Begins September 20th


…still undecided about whether the Fasting Mindfulness Program (FMP) is for you?

Listen as Anita and Louise give the details of their groundbreaking, science inspired protocol.

Here are some reflections from our last fasting participants:

This program is unique in that it provides information, exercises for both body and mind, and food guidance.  It is an approach that benefits the whole person, body mind and spirit, and shows that all of these are inter related.  The benefits from this combined approach can be life changing on many levels.

Nancy G. 66

Simply put…If you are looking for a way to reset/reboot on all PEMS (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)levels and set in motion life-long patterns of a nutritional way of eating – this program is for you!

Nancy P.  52

I always thought fasting was starving yourself or drinking powdered mixes each day.  This comprehensive program not only came with a packet explaining every detail – including delicious recipes and mindfulness exercises –  but it also had two outstanding coaches to guide us and answer our questions every step of the way.  I learned a great deal.

Sue 63

This was my second time doing the FMP and I had many new noticings: my pleasure in preparing the foods ahead of time (as I find the preparing to be part of the mindfulness); the ease in fasting this second time whereas I was terrified the first; and how the new ways of eating post-fast feel totally (well…almost) natural to me now. And yes, I did lose weight and do feel sharp…I also loved the meditations and writing aspect of the Program—they are to be celebrated as well. Signed up for Round 3 already!

Eve 64

Learning how to balance my blood sugar and control my mood swings with diet and mindfulness has changed my life! This program is one to come back to again and again.

Rita 75

If you are interested in participating in the FMP, or have additional questions, please contact 2sistersfasting at 570-421-3708 or email


The cost of the entire program is $250- Repeat fasters $150-

Please know that we are open to hearing from you and your personal needs. All are welcome.


Louise and Anita

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