Fasting and Mindfulness begins September 20th

It is time for us all to change. We are called to take our health into our own hands, to take action, and to understand the importance of well-being on all levels.

One of the best ways we have found to do these things is through Fasting/Time Restricted Eating/Mindfulness/Group Support, and Knowledge.

Our NEW 6 week program carries you gently along as we help you to understand inflammation and its damaging effect, reduce inflammation in all areas of your life, and then blast inflammation with a 5 day Fasting Mimicking/Mindfulness Protocol.

Our Fasting MIndfulness Program is easy and accessible to everyone. We are constantly changing as we learn more information, so join us as we tackle the big topic of COVID-19 and building a healthy lifestyle for your immune system today, tomorrow, and always.

What makes it unique and different is that we do not only deal with food and diet but add the essential components of mindfulness and spirituality. (this is not religion, so all faith traditions will feel welcome)

This program is unique in that it provides information, exercises for both body and mind, and food guidance.  It is an approach that benefits the whole person, body mind and spirit, and shows that all of these are inter related.  The benefits from this combined approach can be life changing on many levels.”  ~ Nancy G. 66

For questions and more information call or text us at 570-421-3708 or email

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