May we brag? Equinox brag.

“All it takes is one small taste of Silence, and if asked, you would gladly SHOUT “YES” to this journey a hundred times over.” ~Gregory

May we brag?
OK, twist our arms.

Our brother, Gregory has just released his first book of poetry!

He has created an amazing video to inspire you, meditate with, and help you to appreciate the depths of these poems. It is also an awesome Spring Equinox offering for contemplation.


The book is called:
Songs of Silence
Poems to Accompany You on the Journey Home Vol. i
Order it here.
And soon we hope to have them for sale at Wellspring Holistic Center.


are like wildfire, they burn fierce and hot and strong and quick, and if you do not catch the heat as it passes, they are gone.
These words
are intended to bring the support structures down, and nothing is meant to be left standing in their wake.
is an invitation to step into the fire.
Only when
we can let every-thing go,
will we then gain Everything.


One more time: You must see the video,as it is spectacular.

Thanks for indulging us. We are proud AND for a good reason.

May the Spring Equinox rock your world, or at least create a moment of balance.

Anita and Louise

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