Peaceful America

peacefulamericaI found these while getting ready to teach my Mindfulness/Meditation class tonight. I do not remember them and was totally surprised to see them in a box of pastels and colored pencils.

I needed to see them today.

I needed to share them today.

There are 9 of them. There are 9 students in my class. These are the serendipitous moments that make me believe.

Believe that:

light will always triumph over darkness

people are basically good

peace is possible

we are all ONE

So tonight we will string these together with mindfulness practices, with prayers, with our breath.

We will hold a space for the holy that is in all things; all the time.

Wellspring Holistic Center is and will continue to be a place for all seekers to find refuge. A place where all beliefs are welcome. A place where we can put down our shields, our swords, allow our wounds to be seen, and tended to – as our sign says, “PEACE to all who enter here.”

And on this historic day, may that sign, that message come true.



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