Mango Soup

Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” start of summer.  Kids start dreaming about the end of school and summer vacation.  Personally, I start dreaming about warm weather, sunshine, paddle boarding, and lots and lots of gardening.  With the current weather pattern that we are in I am really dreaming about seeing the sun for longer thanContinue reading “Mango Soup”

New Class at Wellspring Holistic Center

Aromatherapy and Stress Manangement   When: Monday, May 8, 2017 from 6:30 – 8:30pm Cost: $30 Where: Wellspring Holistic Center 243 East Brown Street, East Stroudsburg, PA What: Explore the healing and mental health benefits of essential oils. Basic guidelines of how to use essential oils safely. Learn how to decrease anxiety, enhance mood andContinue reading “New Class at Wellspring Holistic Center”

App Prescriptions to the Rescue!

It’s March. 3 months into the New Year.  Did you decide that this was the year that you were finally going to stick with those healthy living resolutions?  Did you start? Were you side tracked once again?  Do you need some help?  Guess what?  We all need help sticking with our resolutions!  I find that it isContinue reading “App Prescriptions to the Rescue!”

Soup’s on!

What a snowstorm yesterday!  It was a day of shoveling at my house … it started at 7:30am and didn’t end until 5pm.  After all that snow, it was time to think about dinner.  Soup sounded perfect.  I had cooked up a turkey breast the day before so there was plenty of meat in the refrigerator plusContinue reading “Soup’s on!”


When INCREMENTALITY takes a trip he packs a big bag, knowing that it may be awhile before he gets where he is going. He likes to take the road less traveled so that he can breathe deeply, notice, and enjoy the journey.  He doesn’t usually wear a watch, choosing instead to go at the speed ofContinue reading “Incrementality”


When Stillness is around everyone has a different response.  Some people are able to relax instantly by her side, while others seem to squirm and wiggle, uncomfortable with her lack of movement.  She doesn’t have trouble with any of it.  In fact, she completely understands.  At one time she was a Type A personality whoContinue reading “Stillness”