Different Truths


There are lesser truths.

There are partial truths.

There are higher truths.

And there is a whole TRUTH.

The lesser truth is once you wake up it no longer matters how you act or behave.  It is not you who ‘acts,’ you are not the body or mind.

The partial truth is once you wake up and see the perfection of what is already here, there is absolutely nothing to do and no longer anyone here to do it.

The higher truth is once you wake up there is a much greater responsibility towards everything you do, think, say, or act.

The whole Truth is you are

Nothing and Everything,

and you cannot overlook one for the other.

~ Gregory Bondi

gregory bondi

From his book “Songs of Silence: Poems to Accompany You on The Journey Home Vol. 1″


Click on the link for the YouTube video  to listen to Gregory reading some of the poems from the book.


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