Rediscover Nature

In my last blog I mentioned The Peace Book. Read about it here to catch up on what is behind these book marks. Book Mark 2 – Rediscover Nature Let Nature Nourish You I am eternally grateful that I live near the woods. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right and my insides areContinue reading “Rediscover Nature”

Inflammation – Musings from Anita

Inflammation is the hot topic in my world right now. I cannot seem to open an email or a newsletter without being bombarded with the latest research and ideas about how to combat it in our bodies, minds, and hearts. How it is the major cause of almost all disease and illness. We can easilyContinue reading “Inflammation – Musings from Anita”

Come and have some tea!

We love this time of year at Wellspring Holistic Center because it means we are able to make the entrance into our building even more inviting by adding beautiful flowers!  This year we even put out a bench so that you can come and just visit with us and have a cup of tea, whichContinue reading “Come and have some tea!”