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Inflammation is the hot topic in my world right now. I cannot seem to open an email or a newsletter without being bombarded with the latest research and ideas about how to combat it in our bodies, minds, and hearts. How it is the major cause of almost all disease and illness.

We can easily find the 10 worst foods for inflammation (gluten, sugar, alcohol, etc). We can read about too much time in front of the computers, TV, and negative news contributing to our stress which is a major component of increased inflammation in our bodies. We can also find evidence that harboring negative feelings, engaging in angry outbursts, and chronic worrying
are also causing inflammatory conditions inside and out.

Personally, I have been watching an interesting finding in myself and I dare say, my clients: we seem to be addicted to inflammation! We continue to engage in all of the behaviors that cause it and have a ton of excuses about why we just can’t seem to change or how we are “trying” to change. As chronic as our inflammation is, so is our complaining about our aching joints, problems sleeping, troubles in our relationships with friends and family, and our dissatisfaction with our work and lives.

What does it take to change? I am beginning to take this question seriously as if my life depended on it because, guess what? IT DOES! I am carefully and consciously making choices that I know are good for me. Not easy choices, not quick choices, but good choices. We all know what those are when it comes to food, work, family, and friends. No one needs to tell us and we don’t need to spend countless hours researching it. If we are really honest with ourselves, we know exactly what to do. I hope you will join me.

Make the good choices, even though they are hard. I really do understand. It is much easier to take the quick and easy road as I did it for years. Looking back though, there have been a lot of casualties and standing in the present there is a lot of pain. So looking forward I choose “the road less traveled” and trust that will make all of the difference. Stay tuned.

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