Come and have some tea!

We love this time of year at Wellspring Holistic Center because it means we are able to make the entrance into our building even more inviting by adding beautiful flowers!  This year we even put out a bench so that you can come and just visit with us and have a cup of tea, which we also love at Wellspring!

frontIn a few months the Cannas will be blooming out front and the Impatiens will have taken over!  Check out the cool rain barrel as well.  No more need to run inside to fill the watering can – it’s all right here.

Rain barrelOur rain barrel, “Storm Surge”  was painted by Ash Bowman and MingLi Goldsten and was part of the  “Retain the Rain” event sponsored by the Monroe County Conservation District.  The uniquely decorated barrels were installed at various locations throughout Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg.  If you would like to take a self-guided tour of the rain barrels, visit for project information, a general map, and a link to a detail Google map of the rain barrels.

No worries if you can’t come until the evening, the entrance is just as inviting at night thanks to our client Betsie! The little flower lights add just the right touch!

nightWe hope to see you soon!

Anita and Louise

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