Kitchen Experiments – Millet Ravioli with butternut squash, walnuts and sage

Well, I think that this experiment was a success! What do you think?

ravioliIt was a learning experience!  I think I overstuffed the ravioli with cheese and so I was afraid to actually boil them, so I baked them instead.  They were a little crispy but with the butternut squash, walnuts and sage sauteed in ghee, they were just perfect!  That is ricotta salata grated on top.  I will make sure to add the recipe soon to the recipe page on the web site.

Kitchen Experiments – Millet Ravioli

So, I got thinking. What else can I do with Ricotta cheese?  Pasta sounds good!  Raviolis sound great!  But this is my milet day in my 4 day rotation.  Is it possible to make gluten-free pasta with millet and without eggs?  This is not my egg day, that was yesterday. Thank goodness for Google!  Well, I wasn’t lucky enough to find millet pasta but I did find gluten-free pasta made without eggs, so into the kitchen I went.  I took my millet and ground it into flour and added the other ingredients – arrowroot flour, xanthan gum, salt, butter, water – not much to it.

I do not have a pasta machine, so I had to roll them out by hand.  It was not difficult, but I can already tell that I will do better next time.  Here is what they look like before I baked them. Yes, I decided to not chance it by putting them in boiling water, so they are going to be crispy ravioli topped with butternut squash, sage, ghee and walnuts.  You will have to stop back to see the end results!

before ravioliThey look pretty good so we will see how they taste!