“Looks like Phelamanga to me, ” he said. I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing. What is Phelamanga? Or, since it was a text message –  what kind of a weird typo is that? Sure enough (and since he is a college professor), it is a word – or maybeContinue reading “Phelamanga”

Don’t make assumptions

  In the last blog post I talked about the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I was working with “Don’t make assumptions.” I thought one day would do it. HA!  Two weeks later and I find daily how many times I assume. When someone doesn’t respond to my text message. When someone calls meContinue reading “Don’t make assumptions”

The Four Agreements

Be Impeccable with your words Don’t take anything personally Don’t make assumptions Always do your best   The four agreements are from Don Miguel Ruiz and I have them posted on the side of my refrigerator. I read them every day. How many days do I actually live them? You know how you can sayContinue reading “The Four Agreements”

The Peace Book

Going through my somewhat diminished library of books last weekend, I stumbled upon a book titled, The Peace Book by Louise Diamond.  A friend had given me the book and wrote underneath the title in bold letters, or HOW TO STAY CENTERED IN TIMES OF STRESS. Inside the book I found pretty handmade paper bookmarksContinue reading “The Peace Book”