Kitchen Experiments – A Special Mother’s Day Dinner

Cauliflower.  It has never really been one of my favorite vegetables, but I would buy it on occasion and roast it and then not buy it again for weeks.  Recently, once again, I have made some dietary changes and cauliflower has risen to the top as one of my new favorite vegetables.  There have been weeks where I haveContinue reading “Kitchen Experiments – A Special Mother’s Day Dinner”

Kitchen Experiments – Mung Bean Pasta

Mung Bean Fettucine….have you tried it yet?  Anita found it at Earthlight Natural Foods here in Stroudsburg and thought it would be perfect for our new Alcat food plan.  Gluten-free and made with mung beans and water! . They have more protein than carbohydrate per serving and the texture is great! I decided to useContinue reading “Kitchen Experiments – Mung Bean Pasta”