Can you believe how beautiful these are?

dried pineappleActually, I think the photo is not even doing them justice.  No, they are not sunflowers but dried pineapple!  I had bought some dried pineapple from Trader Joe’s several months ago and just devoured it!  It was so sweet and chewy, but then I really love dried fruit. I was afraid that if I dried the fruit myself in the dehydrator that it would turn brown.  The pineapple from Trader Joe’s was not this yellow, but more of a brown color.  I always assumed that when they put the sulfites in the fruit, it helped to retain the color.  I will have to try some apricots when they come into season and see what happens!  So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when these were finished drying to see the bright yellow color!  They are thin and chewy and oh so sweet!  I really have to remember to get out my dehydrator more often!  If it wasn’t so big, I would find it a home in my kitchen.  For now, it has to live in the basement but it definitely will be visiting the kitchen way more often!

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