Open House Artist Feature – Susanne Wilson

This week as we get ready for our 7th annual Open House and Art Sale – Friday, Dec. 5th,  4pm-8pm and Saturday,Dec. 6th, 10am -4pm, we have a few more artists to entice you!

susannescarf        susannebags    susanneapron

Today, meet Susanne Wilson.

1. Please give us three words to describe your creations?

Fabric turned functional!

2.. what can we expect to find at your “booth?”

Scarves, bags/purses (various sizes and shapes), cell phone pouches, aprons (with cell phone pouches), bookmarks and maybe more!

3. what about this art/craft makes you feel passionate and excited?

I simply adore fabric… I love the colors and textures and form and flow (lack of ‘form’). And I love ‘sculpting’ with fabric… creating dimension and contrast and shape with it.

4. when you are not making art, where can we expect you to be?

At my computer either writing a wedding (I’m a wedding officiant), or organizing musicians/music for weddings and events (I do the booking for a string ensemble). You can often find me in the kitchen (I love food and creating with food as much as I love fabric!). You can find me almost every early morning with my husband (of 34 years) engaged in our ritual of sharing really good coffee and our personal process. You can find me in the dance studio most Monday nights with Anita and crew. And more often than not you can find me with some of my nearest and dearest doing any and all of the above!

5. do you have 3-5 things on your bucket list that you could share with us?

Travel… specifically Ireland and Italy.
Hold a grandbaby (or multiple) in my arms 🙂  (no pressure, kids!)
Have a sewing/art space in my home… and time to spend there! Have a work life that includes supporting people in their end-of-life journey



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