Open House Artist Feature – Carole Ludwig

As we get ready for our 7th annual Open House and Art Sale – Friday, Dec. 5th,  4pm-8pm and Saturday,Dec. 6th, 10am -4pm, we would like to give you a chance to get to know the artists that will be featured.

caroleludwig1         caroleludwig2


Today, meet Carole Ludwig.

1. Please give us three words to describe your creations?

Nature. Serenity. Colorful.

2.. what can we expect to find at your “booth?”

 Dyes silk scarves. Photo Note cards.

3. what about this art/craft makes you feel passionate and excited?

With the silk scarves, the results are always a surprise which is exciting. With the Note Cards the passion is in the intimacy with the subject matter.

4. when you are not making art, where can we expect you to be?

Yoga, Pilates or just plain walking, Reiki Volunteer at Pocono Medical Center, spending time with friends and family.

5. do you have 3-5 things on your bucket list that you could share with us?

I would like to visit Tuscany and Alaska – and just for fun meet Robert Redford!


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