Open House Artist Feature – Samantha Bachman

As we get ready for our 7th annual Open House and Art Sale – Friday, Dec. 5th,  4pm-8pm and Saturday,Dec. 6th, 10am -4pm, we would like to give you a chance to get to know the artists that will be featured.


Today, meet Samantha Bachman.

1. Please give us three words to describe your creations?

I would describe my creations as cute, sweet, and playful!

2.. what can we expect to find at your “booth?”

Since the holidays are quickly approaching, you can expect to find lots of ornaments featuring animals and holiday characters at my booth. I become obsessed with making ornaments as soon as November 1st arrives. I will also have a lot of polymer clay jewelry and accessories available, as well as a few ceramic and felt creations.
3. what about this art/craft makes you feel passionate and excited?

 I think that I get so excited about making ornaments because they are so closely linked with family tradition and nostalgia. It makes me so excited to think that one of my creations could play a tiny part in the holiday traditions of another person or family. I truly enjoy making people smile through the objects I create, no matter the medium or type of object.

4. when you are not making art, where can we expect you to be?

If I’m not making art, I’m spending time with my wonderful family and friends. That being said I’m usually always making something, I gain so much happiness from making something new everyday!

5. do you have 3-5 things on your bucket list that you could share with us?

I want to travel to Japan, design my own toys, and read more often 🙂

You can also find Samantha on Instagram: @sambachmanart



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