Calling all Gardeners!

Well, have you started yet?  Did you get those peas in the ground?  What, not yet!  I totally understand.  Can you believe how late it is already and I am only just beginning!  Do you remember last gardening season?  I think that I had my peas planted in March.  Are you kidding?  Not this year.  I still had snow on my garden in March.  Well, my peas are in, but I do not see anything pushing through the ground yet. I am a little worried, but I will give it another week before I replant.

Here’s what my garden looks like right now …

upper garden

This is the upper part of my one garden. You can just make out the onions beginning to push through!

lower garden

This is the lower part of the same garden.  The lowest part has my peas in it – well, we hope there will be peas!  As for the rest of this garden – it has not been planted yet.  However, I do have lots started in my basement waiting til the last frost which should be in a couple of weeks.  Should be … who knows this years!

side garden

And this is my side garden.  Do you see all of the little white markers?  I have 4 out of the 5 boxes planted.  Almost everything seems to be up and growing.  I have lots of leafy greens and beets so far.  We will see.

I am sure that this slow start will turn into an abundance of produce in a couple of months.  I will keep you posted!  Happy gardening!

Be the Change

“Be the Change you wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi


I finally put a bumper sticker on my car several years ago and this is the quote that I chose. Now I am debating selling the car and that bumper sticker is the one thing that stops me and makes me wonder if I can give that up.


I know. I know. I can just get another one. It is only a bumper stickerbe the change. In many ways that is true and yet it has been a constant reminder, a “shock” (in the spiritual sense), and a wake up call every time I get into my car.


I leave a situation, walk to my car and there is the reminder. How did I do? Did I act with integrity? Authenticity? Did I speak with kindness and respect?


I wish I could say, YES! every time but that is not always the case.

So often I see how many ways I could have responded better or how many times my ego gets invested in what I believe is right or true. I intend to be my best self, but time and time again I fail.


How do we bring ourselves consciously to situations so that we can respond instead of react?

One way is to take a deep breath, stop for a second, and then respond.

Seems easy enough, right? I don’t remember to do it though.


I could use some help. Anyone have a suggestion?


I have the desire, now I just need the action steps!