Sunday Invitation

You are cordially invited to


Take this Sunday to turn off:

the news

your computer 

the voices in your head

Here is a quote to move into Sunday stillness ~

As i walked down the avenue, the late afternoon sun was turning the lovely and dying sycamore leaves into fragments of brilliant stained glass, and i said to myself, “This alone is worth the price of admission to our broken and glorious world.”

And a picture to get lost in ~

A facelift

Light Reflections - Peonies $800

We got a face lift! Well, not a literal one, as you know we are much too holistic for that, but the inside of Wellspring Holistic Center’s East Stroudsburg office did!

In December, we had wonderful painter, Jonathan Welsh, of Welsh Painting, LLC help give Wellspring a pick-me-up with a fresh coat of paint throughout the space.  We are so pleased with the new look.

The colors are warm and inviting. A favorite is Benjamin Mooroomre’s, Dark Harbor, and we even got bold and painted the bathroom a funky orange


Who says, ” diamonds are a girls’ best friend?” We seem to be over the moon every day with how the colors are making us smile. We know, we are “cheap dates!”

That is not the end though.

Lying Down in Snow $3000

We had artist friends, Rita Baragona and St Clair Sullivan hang an amazing show at the center. Their work is so different yet so complimentary. Flowers and landscapes fill our walls and bring the entire space to life. Please take a peek and then come in for the real show!

All the art is for sale and we know you will love every one of them!

Room 1

Please feel free to stop by and check it all out. Come in and say hello, sip some wonderful hot tea, and take in the beauty.

We don’t want to keep it all to ourselves!

Seeing Change - Wave to Puddle $1000