Meet Margie Cohen

Wellspring Holistic Center will hold an Open House and Art Sale, at our East Stroudsburg location, on December 1st from 4pm-8pm and December 2nd from 10am -3pm.

Our healing center will be filled with beautiful hand made crafts. Peruse our treatment rooms while sipping tea and savoring homemade, gluten free, sugar free treats. It promises to be your most relaxed shopping of this holiday season.

Today meet artist, Margie Cohen

1. Please give us three words to describe your creations?

fun, colorful, functional

2.. what can we look forward to you creating for this sale?

I’m working on a new line of porcelain tableware inspired by nature and destined to be your “reach for it every time” favorite. I wheel form simple elegant shapes from white porcelain and use a watercolor technique with colorful underglazes to decorate mugs, bowls, pitchers, and teapots. I think of it as “Happy-ware”

3. what about this particular art/craft makes you feel passionate and excited? 

Painting (in lots of styles an mediums) is my passion. Over the years I have painted on paper, canvas, glass, wood, stoneware and now porcelain. Every mug, every bowl seems like a 3 dimensional canvas waiting for an original painting.

 4. when you are not making art, where are you most likely to be?

I might be holding a grand child, knitting for a grandchild, painting a grandchild’s portrait, flipping pancakes for grandchildren, …. well, you get the idea.

5. do you have one quote or saying that you are living by these days? 

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment”
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