Animals get it.

Meet Harley. He is one of my favorite clients. He always greets me with an amazing amount of pure, uninhibited enthusiasm. After a moment of settling in, complete with licking my face and hands, he goes to his bed, lies down, and pretty much indicates, “Ok, I am totally ready to allow in this healing.” harley2I know I actually have no idea what he is thinking, but I do know how he feels: receptive, soft, open.

He shows me through his sighs, exhales, and body language that he is feeling things shift and move.

He gets up shakes around and trots off often times with renewed hip mobility and a need to immediately go out to “do his business.” These are great signs of internal shifts and releases.

I think that animals are often much more sensitive than we humans. They can tell a “good” person from a “bad” person. They have a sense of when to approach someone and when to walk away, growl, or bristle. I think that they trust a deeper knowing – a more intuitive way of being in the world. They don’t people please. They don’t show up with hidden agendas. They aren’t overly concerned with their appearance. They accept us exactly the way that we are.

When they love they are totally unconditional.

My animal clients keep me present to the amazing flow of energy that is available to us at all times. They remind me of the importance of letting in the healing and staying in the present. They show me how powerful it is to totally trust the one who is loving you in the moment. They never let me get too serious (farting and snorting during sessions with abandon)!

And, they have given me a precious gift: myself – fully and completely.

As they give themselves fully I am invited to give myself fully. When I answer that call, this is the usual result.

harley1Thank you Harley.

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