The big Love day


heart rocks

We have arrived.

Hallmark is happy. Restaurants all around the world are happy. Godiva, Gertrude Hawk, and Hershey are happy.

And you?

Are you happy?

Have you thought about, worked on, and let in some love of self this week?

Are you ready to meet this day with an open heart and hands ready to receive love – first from yourself?

Go to the mirror now. Look into your own eyes and say, ” Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.”

Yes, I am totally inviting you to actually stop reading and go do it. Seriously.

Wait. Let me suggest one more thing: take a deep breath first.

Calmly approach the mirror and meet your own gaze. (no judging your hair, wrinkles, teeth, etc.) If the negative self talk starts, just thank it for checking in and tell it to go away for now. (repeat as necessary!)

Take a moment to just be there. Take another deep breath.

Now say it. “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.”

Don’t worry if you feel fake, don’t mean it, laugh, cry, or anything in between.

It matters. It is essential. It will change the world.



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