No More …


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

~Walt Disney (1901-1966)


I blogged about it last week; I brought the container of seeds up over the weekend; I finally looked in the container on Sunday and separated the seeds into what needed to be started now and what needs to wait to be planted outside; I bought some starter soil on Monday; and finally today, I started some of my seeds!  Oh boy, procrastination was certainly my friend over the last several weeks, but I think I broke out of my complacency and am getting on board with the possibility that spring will come soon! Here’s to warmer weather, longer days and fun in the sun!

Is it really time?

What is today? Spring Equinox?  This does not look like spring to me!!!


Isn’t there something about planting your peas in the garden on St. Patrick’s day?  I can’t even see the ground in my garden yet let alone plant something!  Usually by this time I am so excited about spring and gardening that I have everything planned out, but this year, I just can’t seem to get motivated.

plannerMy handy “garden planner” says that I should be starting some of my seeds inside already or at least by, well, tomorrow!  But I just can’t seem to get it together.


I did pull out my seeds from last year and took a look at what I still have, but that is it!  I went on-line to look at seeds but I did not get any further than the front page.  I hope that once this snow finally melts ( it will melt, right?) that my excitement will build and I will be ready to plan and plant my 2014 garden.

Well, Happy Spring anyway!  Here’s to a great gardening season!

Smell – What Smell?

So, we had a very unfortunate incident at our house this past week.  I came home from dropping my daughter at the bus stop to the blaring of smoke alarms as I opened the front door!  At first, I could not comprehend what was going on.  There was some smoke in the upstairs and my first thought was …”what could be on fire?” I raced through the upstairs not finding anything. I went down the stairs to the basement and found the culprit … my dryer was smoldering!  I was going to open up the door to see what was going on, but the handle was already melted.  Long story short, thanks to my neighbor Bill and the fire department, I still have a house!  Unfortunately, what I was left with was a very smokey, smelly house.  We immediately opened all of the windows and the doors upstairs but as it is still winter, I could not stay that way very long before I started to shiver.  I had already been standing outside for almost 2 hours and was chilled through and through.  So we had no choice but to close everything up and access the damage.

The verdict … the house smelled like we had a good fire burning in the fireplace or a pellet stove – we have neither.  Fortunately what we do have are some awesome air purifiers!  You may recall if you have been following our blog and newsletters that we bought 2 Austin Healthmate Plus Jr. air purifiers last year when we started the ALCAT diet for our house and a full size Healthmate Plus for the office.  We immediately borrowed the large one from the office and turned all three on high.  We closed up the house and let them do their work.  By that evening, over 50% of the smell upstairs had dissipated.  We had friends stop by that evening and they noticed a minor smokey smell, but they thought nothing of it.

It is 5 days later, and you can now walk in the upstairs and not even think twice about a smokey smell.  We moved the large air purifier down to the basement today and I can already smell a difference.  The real test will be when we move the air purifier into the space where the fire occurred.  It is pretty intense in that small space but I really have no doubt that within a couple of days of turning the air purifier on full blast that the smell will be on its way out.

I have loved my Austin air purifiers since the day we plugged them in!  My allergies were better when I was in my office or house almost immediately.  However, my esteem for these beauties has now grown exponentially!  Check out their newsletter which gives you some very compelling reasons to have an air purifying system in your house.  I will never go without them in mine – that is for sure!

Wellspring has been a proud distributor of the Austin Air purifiers for over a year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kitchen Experiments: Say Cheese!

I am obsessed with nut cheeses!  I have tried cashew, almond, and hazelnut nut cheeses and each one was delicious. If you are one of those unlucky people like I am, who can not digest regular cow’s milk cheese, and have not been able to eat the substitutes because they contain casein, the protein found in regular cheese, or have found the vegan cheeses to be OK, but a little funky on the texture, then listen up!  Nut cheeses are the way to go!  They are easy to make and oh, so fun to eat!

I have my client Carolyn Norman and her husband Jim to thank for my new obsession.  I regularly ask her, “what’s for dinner” or “what new food has been Jim been making”?  It was one of these times that she told me about the cashew mozzarella cheese pizza that he had made earlier in the week.  My ears perked up immediately … pizza?  I have not been able to eat any cheese or cheese alternative since November and so my stomach started growling immediately.  The next day, guess what was for dinner?  You guessed it ….pizza!

The recipe that I followed can be found on the web site linked below.

Check out the whole post for Individual Vegan Margherita Pizzas.

I did not have tomato sauce on my pizza but instead I used a pesto and then the cashew cheese on top.  When my husband first saw the “cheese” sauce in the pan, he was quite unsure if he wanted to eat it.  However, once the cheese crusted up and it was served up for dinner, he was quite happy to put away several slices.


Since that initial experiment, I have made the cashew cheese twice, a hazelnut cheese, an almond “sliceable” cheese, and an almond cream cheese.  Can you tell that I am a little “cheese” obsessed?  I will admit to it willingly and my stomach agrees happily! I hope that you will give it a try.  It is the best “not cheese” that I have eaten! Bon Appetit!