Is it really time?

What is today? Spring Equinox?  This does not look like spring to me!!!


Isn’t there something about planting your peas in the garden on St. Patrick’s day?  I can’t even see the ground in my garden yet let alone plant something!  Usually by this time I am so excited about spring and gardening that I have everything planned out, but this year, I just can’t seem to get motivated.

plannerMy handy “garden planner” says that I should be starting some of my seeds inside already or at least by, well, tomorrow!  But I just can’t seem to get it together.


I did pull out my seeds from last year and took a look at what I still have, but that is it!  I went on-line to look at seeds but I did not get any further than the front page.  I hope that once this snow finally melts ( it will melt, right?) that my excitement will build and I will be ready to plan and plant my 2014 garden.

Well, Happy Spring anyway!  Here’s to a great gardening season!

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