Gluten-Free Black Bean Pasta

Have you tried it yet?  What am I talking about?  Black Bean Spaghetti!


If you still have not tried it, you really must!  It is so delicious and it works well with any kind of topping that you might be in the mood for.  What I really like about it is the texture.  It is firm and tasty rather than mushy and pasty.  My husband now informed me that he likes it better than rice pasta and I would have to agree.  If you have ever tried to reheat rice pasta you will understand when I say that the black bean spaghetti holds up really well as leftovers.  I would say it reminds me more of a soba noodle than a regular pasta noodle.


I have talked about the mung bean pasta before, but if you need a reminder, click on the link.  The black bean spaghetti and the mung bean fettucine are super high in protein – about 25 g per serving.  Compare that to regular pasta which only has between 2 g and 5 g; it is the perfect substitute.  I have not tried it with red sauce yet, but have eaten it with a nut butter sauce, tossed with roasted vegetables, and tossed with vegetables and an almond “cheese” sauce.  I can’t say that I liked any version better than the other.  I have even frozen the cooked noodles, thawed them and reheated them with not much change to their texture.


This pasta is truly one new food that you will eat once and then it will quickly become part of your regular rotation! Bon Appetit!

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