Little Things


I think it is important to find the little things in

everyday life that make you happy.

~ Paula Cole

Well, it has been awhile since I shared anything about my garden but today these little carrots made me so happy I just had to share them!  I think that I have been trying to grow carrots now for about the past 5 years. The greens on top of the ground always look beautiful but I assume that my clay-like soil has usually prevented them from growing any bigger than the size of a baby carrot.  So you can only imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to see these beauties when I pulled them from the ground.  Now, I know, you are looking at them and going, really, they are still so small.  Well, you would be right but compared to my previous years, these are monsters. No matter – they made me smile anyway!  And really, I think that this is why I have a garden: to be surprised and to smile at whatever happens to grow!

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