The Last of the Garden 2013

Here in the Poconos, the first frost arrived ending the gardening season for 2013. It was sad to pull off the last of the vegetables from the vines and plants. This was the best year for my garden to date. It is a learning experience for sure. I am pleased with the choices I made for what to grow in the garden and am saving seeds for next year. One of my favorite experiments was my legumes. I eat lots of beans in soups, stews and salads and thought it would be good to try to grow some of my own. I tried a few varieties last year and they seemed to grow pretty well. I have an issue with sun so I am always looking to find what will grow best. I bought a few more varieties this year and planted away.  Legumes/beans are fun to grow because you basically leave them on the plant until they start to dry out and then pick and shell them and viola – legumes.

Here is what I grew:

drying beans

These are the beans as I pulled off the vine.  You can see that some of them are already completely dried while others were not quite ready.


Here are about 5 of the varieties that I grew.

Aren’t these Scarlet Emperors beautiful!

emperor beans

I planted the beans in June so they have been growing all summer.  I still have to separate out the different varieties but here is most of my harvest for 2013.


Hmm, I guess it is really not that many.  Maybe 2 pots of soup?  Oh well!  That’s gardening in a small space.  I am glad that I do not need to sustain myself all winter on what I harvested from my garden this year or we would certainly be starving.  There is always next year!  Happy planning!


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