Gardening – The Good vs. The Bad

Well, every year there are some things that do well in the garden and some things that just don’t! Too much sun verses too much rain verses the bugs! Who will win?

I have to often remind myself that every win is bigger than all of the losses and this year seems to be no different.

Check out my volunteer butternut squash plant … it is still growing and producing!

gardenBut then there are my yellow squashes and zucchini plants…every year I get this caterpillar like bug that eats out the stems and kills my plants or I get the fungus on the leaves which also kills the plant.  EIther way, I am lucky that I got a couple of squash off the plants before this happened.

yellowI have to try to not get too disappointed! At least I got a couple, right?  Well, I do get cheered up when I see this vine taking over…

vinesIsn’t it amazing!  The more amazing thing is look what’s growing on the vines…

hubbardIt’s a Hubbard squash!  I am just praying that this will continue to grow so that I can eat this delicious squash!  I will keep you posted!

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